I am certified in Myopractic Therapy from the Myopractic Institute. Myopractic integrates Swedish massage, trigger point, myofascial release and even structural integration techniques to form an integrated system. Myopractic techniques work on both massage tables and chairs, use little or no oil, can be done on skin or through the clothes, and can easily determine the correct speed and direction needed. In addition we encourage therapist/client interaction and connection during treatment.

Myopractic is made up of three techniques:

  1. COMPRESSION STRETCHING techniques which achieve deep relaxation, relieve tension, spasms and holding patterns in the muscle;
  2. CLEARING  methods to clean obstructions from soft tissue, e.g., trigger points, scar tissue, muscle bundles, old bruises; and
  3. SEPARATING to release myofascial adhesions, separate fascial planes and balance muscles.

When combined with motion -- passive, active and rocking -- and used at varying depths, these foundational techniques are flexible enough to achieve deep relaxation, spot therapy, and even full posture balancing and structural alignment.

The founder and primary instructor of Myopractic is Robert Petteway. In clinical practice since 1980, Robert has the unique ability to take complex structural, biomechanical and muscular relationships and create a simple approach that works to relieve posture imbalances and associated chronic pain. Robert has training and experience in biomechanics, acupuncture and oriental medicine, and a wide variety of muscle therapies. In 1995 he was even voted "Best Massage Therapist In Houston" by the readers of the Houston Press. Robert has worked closely with physicians, surgeons, and chiropractors for nearly 30 years, and has devoted the last 19 years to developing the effective Myopractic System.

I use two interesting tools in Myopractic Therapy:

An adapted orbital auto buffer has incredible results. The buffers are modified by removing the cord protector plate. This makes room for multiple layers of wool and cotton pad for added softness. Then, a speed control device is added to control the wave pattern. The fully adjustable wave patterns created by these tools easily move through the entire body, at various depths.  


When pushing harder just hurts but does not clear the tissue, an adapted Skil jigsaw provides deep tapotement and waves guaranteed to release the toughest problems. These tools are noisy. Yet the benefits are so great that my clients quickly accept the noise and ask for more.