Ray O'Quinn has over 25 years of experience in bodywork. 


My  studies began at the Carolina School of Massage Therapy in Carrboro, North Carolina. After graduating in 1993 and receiving my license, I continued my education. I studied structural balancing and received certifications for Paul St. John’s techniques of neuromuscular therapy, myopractic studies with Robert Petteway (the founder of the Myopractic Institute), and Dr. Emil Vodders techniques in manual lymphatic drainage. I was also certified in colon hydrotherapy, learning the importance of body cleansing. I gained practical experience by working as a neuromuscular therapist and with a pain management physical therapy clinic.

I moved to New York City -- Manhattan -- in 1995 and completed course studies in Thai Massage and Shiatsu at the Swedish Institute. After working privately with clients in Manhattan and the Hampton areas of Long Island, I opened a holistic heath care clinic, ‘Alternatives for Better Health’, located on 79th Street and Broadway in Manhattan. I operated the clinic for eight years, and had the privilege of assisting thousands of clients with a wide variety of needs. My clinic was designed for identifying adversities in the body that would keep the body from optimal performance. I concentrated on physical alignment and motional patterning of the body, as well as a wide variety of diet and cleansing protocols such as fasting, herbal cleansing and organ detoxification.

I studied living foods principles at The Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico and was a guest lecturer for Gary Null’s life enhancement workshops in Manhattan. I had a wide variety of clients and developed a strong following of athletes, dancers, opera singers / recording artists, weekend warriors, outdoorsmen and women, and people from every walk of life - where LIFE frequently gets you ‘out of whack’.

I worked with numerous medical and holistic health care professionals, including MDs, DOs, NDs, dentists, surgeons (dealing with rapid recovery of scar tissue / scarring and joint mobility), dermatologists, homeopaths, chiropractors, podiatrists, physical therapists, practitioners of acupuncture, herbalists, dieticians, yoga instructors, dance instructors, Alexander and Feldenchrist practitioners, to name a few. These professionals became my personal clients as well as referring practitioners.

After eight years in New York City, I decided to return to North Carolina, moving to Asheville in 2003 and adding a second residence in Raleigh in 2010. My winter of 2010 was spent in Thailand furthering my studies in meditation, yoga, and Traditional Thai Yoga Massage. The jewel of my studies in Thailand began with an introduction of ‘Chi Nei Tsang’ at the Tao Gardens and continued with a personal certification in the work studying with the renowned Thanachi of Chiang Mai. I have taken the amazing work of Thanachi’s ‘Chi Nei Tsang’ (deep abdominal and organ/visceral manipulation) and combined it with my years of experience in a more neuromuscular approach to the core of the body, to form a modality that is proving to be exponentially powerful. To date, EVERY client who has received this work has experienced some type of positive and measurable energetic shift in their body. My plans are to begin teaching this body of work both nationally and internationally in the near future.

Today, all of my sessions with clients begin with a focused personal discussion of your kinetic balance and your goals in reaching optimal performance and elimination or ease of dysfunctional patterns. I specialize in crafting individualized therapies for your unique body, designed to meet the realistic goals that we map together. I have witnessed some amazing transformations with clients thru the years, and would look forward to assisting you with your specific goals and expectations for your own --- Body In Balance.